Welcome to Aleo.

This document provides an early developer preview of how Aleo enables engineering teams to build web applications that are performant, secure, and anonymous. Aleo introduces an application runtime environment that allows your software to compile, execute, and finalize its state autonomously.

Welcome to Aleo.

Chapter 0: Getting Started

Chapter 1: Concepts

Developer Preview I

Chapter 2: Hello Leo!

Chapter 3: Language

Chapter 4: Programming Model

Chapter 5: CLI

Chapter 6: Toy Examples

Chapter 7: Additional Material

Testnet I

Chapter 8: Getting Started

Chapter 9: Concepts

Chapter 10: Network Messages

Chapter 11: Public RPC Endpoints

Chapter 12: Private RPC Endpoints

Explorer I

Chapter 13: Authentication

Chapter 14: Blocks

Chapter 15: Transactions

Chapter 16: Metrics

Advanced Topics

Chapter 17: The Aleo Curves

Chapter 18: Proof of Succinct Work