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Login to Aleo Package Manager

leo login#

To use private packages and publish to Aleo Package Manager, start by authenticating with:

leo login -u <username> -p <password>
console output:
Login success

Alternatively, if you already have login token, you can use it directly:

leo login <token>
console output:
Login Token passed, checking...
Login Success. You are now logged in.

If remote compilation is enabled, Leo will sync your workspace when you run leo build, leo test, leo setup and leo prove, your program will run the program setup and execution on remote machines.


leo login [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [NAME]


  • -d, --debug - Enables debugging mode
  • -h, --help - Prints help information


  • -p, --password <password> - Sets a password
  • -u, --user <username> - Sets a username


  • <NAME> - Sets the authentication token for login to the package manager