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Setup a Program

leo setup#

To run the program setup and produce a proving key and verification key, run:

leo setup
console output:
Setup Starting...
Setup Saving proving key ("${NAME}/outputs/${NAME}.lpk")
Setup Complete
Setup Saving verification key ("${NAME}/outputs/${NAME}.lvk")
Setup Complete
Done Finished in 10 milliseconds

Leo will use a cryptographically-secure pseudorandom number generator from your machine to perform the setup.

After the setup is complete, the proving key and verification key will be stored in the outputs directory as .lpk and .lvk files:


If there are existing proving and verification keys in the outputs directory, then running leo setup will perform additional checks to ensure the keys are valid for the current program. To skip these checks, use the --skip-key-check flag.


leo setup [FLAGS]


  • --skip-key-check - Skips key checks
  • -h, --help - Prints help information