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The Leo Programming Language

Welcome to the Leo programming language. Leo is a functional, statically-typed programming language built for writing private applications.


The Leo language is currently in active development. Please monitor the repository on GitHub for breaking changes

Installing Leo#

Proceed to Installation for information on how to install Leo.

Getting Started#

Check out the Hello World tutorial for a brief walk-through of Leo and the Leo CLI.

Language Documentation#

To learn the core concepts and syntax of Leo, start with the Layout of a Leo Program. Leo comes with an advanced testing framework for writing unit and integration tests. Read Writing Tests to learn more.

Programming Model#

Leo programs are designed to work with Aleo record and transaction data. Understanding how to access and compute on this data is essential to writing private applications. Read the Model to learn more.

Command Line Interface Documentation#

The Leo CLI provides a suite of commands to make programming in Leo easy.

Additional Material#

Is your Leo code formatted correctly? Check out the Style Guide and Common Patterns for the official guidelines.

Found a bug? Have an idea for a feature? Proceed to the Known Bugs section and the Contributing Guide.