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Branching in Leo differs from traditional programming languages. Leo developers should keep in mind that every program compiles to a circuit which represents all possible evaluations.

If Else Ternary Expression#

A conditional (ternary) expression takes three operands.

  1. A condition that evaluates to a boolean followed by a question mark ?.
  2. A first expression to execute if the condition is true followed by a colon :
  3. A second expression to execute if the condition is false followed by a semicolon ;
let a = x >= 5u8 ? 1u8 : 0u8;
let b: u8 = is_valid ? 1 : 0;

Ternary expressions are the cheapest form of conditional.

If Statement#

The boolean condition in an if statement does not require parenthesis. The statements to execute require brackets {}.

if a == 0 {
a += 1; // statement

If Else Statement#

else and else if clauses can be used to chain if statements.


if a {
res = 1;
} else if b {
res = 2;
} else {
res = 3;

For loops#

Leo supports for loops with bounded iteration. from_number and to_number must be constant numbers.

for i in 0..4 {
a += 1;

For more information on branching patterns in Leo see Common Patterns.