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Getting Started

Welcome to the Aleo community. Together we are working to build a platform for web applications that are performant, secure, and private. Aleo introduces an application runtime environment that allows your software to compile, execute, and finalize its state autonomously.


What's new on Aleo?

🔧 Getting Ready for Testnet Beta - A guide on updating your Leo applications for Testnet Beta.

🤝 Leo Core Developers Call - Collaborate with the Leo development team and ecosystem on the future of Leo.

⚛️ Create Aleo App - A full stack application written in Typescript using Leo and React.

🧰 Leo Developer Toolkit - A zero to one tutorial for the Leo programming language.

Develop on Aleo with Leo

1. Build Guide

1.1 Install Git:

1.2 Install Rust:

1.3 Install Leo

curl -L | sh 

Learning Leo is the fastest way to develop private applications on Aleo.

  • Hello Leo - Run your first Leo program.
  • Leo Docs - Learn how to use the latest Leo language features.
  • Leo Examples - Jumpstart your application development with an official Aleo example.

Read the Protocol

  • Aleo Concepts - Aleo is a new layer 1 blockchain. Read about the similarities and differences between Aleo and other blockchains.

Talks and Videos

Talks and videos from the Aleo community.

More Aleo Resources

If you're interested in learning more about Aleo:

🐦 | Twitter ~ @AleoHQ ~

🤝 | Community Twitter ~ @aleocommunity ~

🐙 | GitHub ~

📄 | Developer Documentation ~

🎮 | Leo Playground ~

🔎 | Aleo Block Explorer ~

✍️ | Community Blog ~

Looking for Developer Resources?