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Testnet III.


Aleo Testnet III is not ready for production use and will undergo thorough audit and testing before reaching production. Aleo Testnet III is a trusted testnet - subsequent testnets will undergo a trusted setup process.

Aleo Testnet III is an experimental network for developers to begin building and testing applications on Aleo. Testnet III is used by the core team for designing and evaluating new programs, planning and staging network upgrades, and running experimental features for inclusion on mainnet.

The Network

The Aleo Testnet3 API is organized around REST.

To connect to the network, make a request to an Aleo Testnet III bootnode.



snarkOS is a decentralized operating system for anonymous web applications. It forms the backbone of Aleo and enables developers to checkpoint and finalize application state in a publicly-verifiable manner.

Source Code

snarkOS is open-source and publicly-hosted on GitHub.