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Get State Path For Commitment

GET /testnet3/statePath/{commitment}

Returns the state path for the given commitment. The state path proves existence of the transition leaf to either a global or local state root.


commitmentstringThe record commitment in the best valid chain


global_state_rootstringThe global state root
block_pathstringThe Merkle path for the block hash
block_hashstringThe block hash
previous_block_hashstringThe previous block hash
header_rootstringThe block header root
header_pathstringThe Merkle path for the block header leaf
header_leafstringThe block header leaf
transactions_pathstringThe Merkle path for the transaction ID
transaction_idstringThe transaction ID
transaction_pathstringThe Merkle path for the transaction leaf
transaction_leafstringThe transaction leaf
transition_pathstringThe Merkle path for the transition leaf
transition_leafstringThe transition leaf